Hornswoggle Workshop is a communal education opportunity for Horn players in the Jemez Mountains of New Mexico.

Info & FAQ's

Information and

Frequently Asked Questions


Required Items:


Sheet, Pillow, Warm Blanket


Toiletries/shower sandals

Flashlight or cell phone light

Walking or Hiking Shoes  (Heels not recommended)

Helpful Items:

Face Mask (recommended) 

Refillable Water Bottle
Sunscreen/Insect Repellent
Instrument Repair Kit

Wire Music Stand

Solos, Excerpts, Etudes


Driving Directions to Hornswoggle at Hummingbird Camp

Travel north on Highway 4 out of San Ysidro NM. After crossing through the Jemez Pueblo Reservation, you will come to the Village of Jemez Springs. Keep going. At the outskirts of town, you will pass the Jemez Historic Site on the right. From there, travel another 3.8 miles. You will see a large "Hummingbird Music Camp" sign on the right. Pull straight in and enter the red building to register.

Local Weather 
On Memorial Day Weekend, daytime temperatures are pleasant and go down to 55 degrees at night.  Pack pants/shorts for daytime and a jacket for evening.

​Cellphone and WiFi Access

This event is mostly disconnected from the digital world.  Cell phones have no signal at the camp.  Guests may use the land line at the camp office.  There is very slow Wifi in some areas of the camp.  A cellular signal is 8 minutes away in Jemez Springs. 

Altitude Sickness

It is advised to increase water intake as you travel to Hornswoggle.  Jemez Springs sits at an elevation of 6,198 ft. making activity more challenging for "flatlanders".  If you are from a lower elevation, know the symptoms of altitude sickness; fatigue, headache, and irritability.  DRINK LOTS OF WATER and you will feel better.  Continue drinking water during your stay!


Campers and RV's are welcome at Hornswoggle!  Please contact us at (940) 300-3131 for pricing.  

Incoming Phone Calls

​Messages can be received at the Hummingbird office land line @ 1-575-829-3060.  

PLEASE do not call this number to inquire/register for Hornswoggle.

Last Minute Registration Inquiries (940) 300-3131 

At this point your hosts may not have cellular service.  If you haven't received a response within 4 HOURS of leaving a message, please call the camp office land line at 1-575-829-3060.  


Young Participants

Students, Amateurs, Professionals and Educators are welcome.  We accept participants ages 8 and beyond.  Although our main participant draw is from the 18-and-up crowd, Hornswoggle is an amazing opportunity for young, serious horn players to meet the best musicians in the field.  REQUIRED: A Parent/Guardian must stay at the camp during Hornswoggle as guest by purchasing a Visitor pass or a Participant pass.  

Facebook Pages

The Official Hornswoggle Workshop Facebook page can be found HERE.  Please spread the word!  The original page created by our Founder Elliott Higgins is presently "In Memorium".   You are welcome to reminisce on Elliott's page but we are unable to respond to any current questions about Hornswoggle there.   

Hummingbird Music Camp

Hornswoggle meets yearly at Hummingbird Music Camp in the Jemez Mountains.  9 weeks a year they host Music Camp to children ages 8-14.  Most years, week one of the camp begins immediately after Hornswoggle.  For more info, go to:  http//:www.hummingbirdmusiccamp.org

The Hornswoggle Ensemble of San Diego, CA  

​We're not affiliated but here's a link to their site:  http://www.hornswogglesandiego.com

The International Horn Society recommends that HORN be recognized as the correct English label for our instrument.  So why is FRENCH HORN used on this website?  

Yes, yes we know.....unfortunately SEO requires the term FRENCH HORN as a tag.  If not, we would show up on searches for livestock, auto parts, or geography.

Additional Questions? Go to our Contact Page or email us: info@hornswoggle.org