Hornswoggle Workshop is a communal education opportunity for Horn players in the Jemez Mountains of New Mexico.

May 27, 2023

To our Family of Hornswoggle Participants,

I hope you have a pleasant Memorial Day weekend.  I want to say thank you so much for your support of that wonderful Horn happening that has been Hornswoggle.

Today Ericha and I would be running around Hummingbird Music Camp greeting horn players; some I have never met, some I have come to know through Hornswoggle, some I know very well, and some I knew well but have not seen in decades.  Alas, it will not come to pass today.  I am sad to let it go this year but grateful for the 5 amazing years we have had. 

Hornswoggle has given me many wonderful memories and formative personal experiences.  It provided inspiration during my college years at UNM and drove me to do all that I have done and currently do as a teacher and a horn player.  The currently negative associations with Hornswoggle can never rive that away from me.  As you reflect upon your own experiences at Hornswoggle you will likely have had marvelous moments and, for our younger participants, influential and motivating performances. 

Since 2017 it has been a challenge for us to make the event happen at all.  With the recent reputational calamity complicating our operations, we haven’t the resources to recover.  I don’t see a possible resuscitation of Hornswoggle as it has been and for that reason Ericha and I have decided to put it to rest.  But I ask that you please remain in contact with your fellow Hornswoggle associates.  Hornswoggle did facilitate the creation of a Horn community that can and should continue.

We must all remember that it is the Horn, the learning of it, the playing of it, the talking about it and the wonderful people from all walks of life that have had anything to do with the Horn that creates our community.  That Horn community can happen anywhere at any time.  Admittedly, few Horn gatherings possessed the magic that took place at Hummingbird Music Camp in the Jemez mountains of New Mexico but perhaps, in time, we can hope that in some way it can happen again.

Thank you for being a part of the Horn experience.  Have an enjoyable Memorial Day weekend with the glimmering memories of Hornswoggles past. 

I want to thank our Guest Artist Clinicians:
2017 Bill Scharnberg, Eldon Matlick, and Marian Hesse
2018 Gerry Wood, Nancy Joy, and Bill Bernatis
2019 Molly Wood, Angela Winter, and Sarah Schmalenberger
2021 Brent Shires, Ken Iyescas, Karen Houghton, and Dennis Houghton
2022 Michael Walker, Katherine Marie Smith, and Jim Patterson

Our Scholarship donors:
Cecilia and Frank Cloughly
Eileen Comstock
Camille Cawley
Charles Payette
ArDee Harvey
Pope Repair: Ken Pope
Houghton Horns: Dennis and Karen Houghton
Patterson Hornworks: Jim and Cora Patterson

Hummingbird Music camp
Jemez Monument
Nancy Joy
Patterson Hornworks
Houghton Horns

Martha Dalager
Diane Shutz
Ed Torrez
Mary Ann Ybarra
Terri Shires

Special and contributing Performers:
Bill Scharnberg – piano tuner
Gerry Wood
Kim Beasley
Ty Fredrick – tuba
David Beasley – tuba
Nathan Seilbeck
Susan Salminen
The Wood Ensemble: Gerry, Molly, Lydia, and Sam Wood
Charles Payette
Jay Payette – percussion
Cecilia Quintana – alphorn
John Hargraves

Our thoughts and best wishes to all of you,
Karl, Ericha, and Adelaide Kemm

Update: February 14, 2023

In light of current events, we have made the decision to cancel Hornswoggle 2023 and title it a reorganization year.

The current hosts of Hornswoggle were not involved with running the event until three years after Eliott Higgins' death. Their contact with Mr. Higgins was extremely limited while he was alive, and have no knowledge of any incident or inappropriate behavior.  

With that being said, we hope that anyone who was a victim will reach out to law enforcement in the jurisdiction where they were assaulted, not only to report their incident but to also seek any and all help and support they require.  

Hornswoggle Workshop is not affiliated with the International Horn Competition of America.

If you have any further questions, they can be sent to info@hornswoggle.org

 February 12, 2023

A message from the Kemm Family

We have recently learned of the crimes of an individual who had historical association with Hornswoggle Workshop. These crimes are disturbing to all concerned. All those associated with Hornswoggle condemn the behavior of this individual and will cooperate with authorities investigating this matter. 

Our family is in complete shock with the news. We are processing what has happened and where to go from here. Since we took over hosting duties in 2017, it's been our goal to make our event a safe, inclusive space.  We appreciate your patience in the matter.