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Hornswoggle Workshop is a communal education opportunity for Horn players in the Jemez Mountains of New Mexico.

Hornswoggle Music  

Memorial Day Weekend

 May 24-26, 2019

​​The ​​Hornswoggle French Horn Workshop serves students, amateurs, professionals and educators with growth, recruiting, and networking opportunities within the Horn community.  Communal learning opportunities abound in a relaxed atmosphere, free from the interruptions of modern life and technology. 

Thank you 2018 Hornswoggle Participants! We were thrilled to watch our event grow with more new faces and reconnect with those who come back year after year. We appreciate every one of you! Front Row: Nancy Joy, Seth Wood, Michelle Garasi, David Kracke, Amelia Woolery, Marcos Gutierrez, Christina Garasi, Carol Hermes, Erwin Cisneros, Stephen Rumbold, and Heidi Vogel. Row 2: Molly Wood, Sam Wood, Gerry Wood, Susana Deleon, Sabrina Bonn, Katie Bowden, Daniella Garasi, and Jackie Richter. Row 3: Ty Fredrick, Kim Beasley, Susan Salminen, Charles Payette, Emily Martin, Matthew Solis, Eric Osmon, Peter Kiss, Sarah Worley, and Bill Bernatis. Back Row: David Beasley, Nathan Seilbeck, Joel Livsey, Eileen Comstock, Duncan Kinkaid, Martin Brandt, Amber Hubbard, Arianna Urquidi, and Jacob Gay.

Hornswoggle 2018 Sponsors

Camille Cawley

Cecilia Cloughly

Rachel Harvey

​The Higgins Family

Houghton Horns

Patterson Hornworks

Pope Repair